Welcome to Newton International College located in North York, Toronto. Founded in 2002, Newton is an accredited Ontario High School with the authority to grant an Ontario Secondary School Diploma to its graduates. Since its inception, Newton graduates have gone to the best universities in Canada and around the world. They have succeeded in engineering, business, science and art programs.

New Mind, New Life is the school’s motto. It is embedded in the school’s culture. A flexible schedule with a variety of different level courses delivered by caring, qualified, knowledgeable teachers provide a high quality education with great success. The support of nurturing, responsive office staff and counselor also help all students overcome daily stress and challenges.

Newton graduates continue to be its best ambassadors. The school has a high percentage of local students that complement its international population. 

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Rudy R. Maharaj





地址:143 Willowdale Ave , North York , ON M2N 4Y5

电话: 1-416-613-9618            

邮箱: info@nictoronto.ca



地址: 常州·钟楼 龙城大道2188号新闸科技工业园1号楼

电话: 0519-83977177


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